Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Windows 7 SP1 Resident Evil x64

Assalamu Alaikum Wr.Wb.
Selamat malam, bagaimana kabarnya sobat semua? Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan share Windows 7 yang tampilnnya sangat keren....Didalamnya juga sudah terintegrasi banyak software, jadi sobat tidak repot-repot lagi untuk instal software...

Ini dia software yang telah terintegrasi di dalamnya:


 - Adobe flash player 10 Active x64
 Adobe flash plater 10 Plugin x64
 Adobe reader 9.4.0 Lite
Adobe shock player 11.5
Bitcomet 1.31 x64
 Easy BCD
Google talk
Imageshack uploader 2.2.0
Java 6 Update 26 x64
K Lite Codec pack 5.6.7 x64
 K Lite Mega Codec pack 8.1.7 (Updated)
 Media player classic - Home cinema
 Microangelo On Display x64
 Microsoft.Net Framework 4 Client Profile
 Microsoft.Net Framework 4 Extended
 Microsoft C++ 2005 Redistributable
 Microsoft C++ 2005 Redistributable x64
 Microsoft C++ 2008 Redistributable 9.0.2
 9.0.3 x64 & x86 - Microsoft C++ 2010 Redistributable 10.0.2
 Nightly 12.0a1 x64
 Theme resource changer x64 1.0
 UxStyle Core Beta
 VLC Media Player 1.1.11
 Windows 7 Resident Evil Boot Screen From Prince NRVL
 Windows 7 Start Button changer 1.0.0
 WinRAR 4.01 x64
 Yahoo messenger 11.5 (new)


Added RUN on start menu -
Add change theme
- Add change wallpaper -
 Add desktop icon settings
 - Add MSCONFIG to right of my computer -
 Advanced user accounting
- Cleartype view -
 Copy to Move to on right click
- Disabled windows defender at startup -
 Disable hibernate -
 Disable UAC -
 Disable windows media player autoupdate -
 Disable Tool Tips
- Don't mark new applications
- Enable AVALON effects -
 Enable ClearType Tuning -
 Enable DVD in media player -
 Enable Glass Effect(DWM) without graphics card
- Enable MP3 Encoding on right click
 Enable slow motion windows effects -
 Enable status bar in notepad -
 Flip 3D effect (Same as windows switcher)
- Get rid of windows mail splash
- Give your self permission to modify all - Grant full admin control -
 Neo Reconia Sys Site direct link from right click (Firefox needed) -
 Removed Action center Icon
- Windows speed tweakings (Prince NRVL Registry) -
 Wait to kill service -
 2000 - Low leve hooks time out -
 1000 - Hung application time out -
 1000 - Menu show delay - 0 -
 No low disk space warning 

 *Windows Programs Removed*

 (Note that these settings can be re-enabled!)  -
- Indexing service
- Internet Explorer
- Print Document Settings
- Tablet PC Components
- XPS Service
- XPS Viewer